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Biography of Paul Taffanel (1844-1908): biography, sheet music, recordings, weblinks and literature

Biography of Paul Taffanel (1844-1908)

 Portrait of Paul Taffanel
Photography of Paul Taffanel
Born in Bordeaux, son of a music teacher
First public concert after lessons from his father
Lessons from Vincent Joseph van Steenkiste, called Dorus
With Dorus call to Paris he was accepted at the conservatory. First price of the conservatory for flute and member of the orchestra of the Opera Comique.
First price of the conservatory for harmonics.
Principal flute at the Paris Opera (until 1896)
First price of the conservatory for fugue and counterpoint
Member of the orchestra at the conservatory
Principal flute at the Grand Opera
Co-founder of Societe Classique
Initiator of the Societe de musique de chambre pour instruments a vent, to which amongst others led to the Septet of Saint-Saens and the Petite Symphonie of Gounods.
Premiere of Petite Symphonie by Gounod played by Societe
Conductor of the Grand Opera (may be not until 1890 or 1893)
Knight of the legion of honours
Lectorship of the Paris conservatory until his death. Among his students where Gaubert, Fleury, Barrere and Moyse. Due to the many duties he denies the chamber music society.
Head of the orchestral class at the conservatory.
Sanitary breakdown.
Dies in Paris
He earned countless international decorations. Faure dedicated his Fantasy to him.

Sheet music for flute:

Grands Exercices Journaliers de Mécanisme (Technik)
edition on
Alphonse Leduc, A.L. 17204
Rating: difficult
A standard edition for technical exercises. Probably member of the bookshelf of any "serious" flutist. Scales, arpeggios and intervals in countless variations, to be practiced preferably by heart.

Kadenzen zum Konzert in D-Dur von Mozart, KV 314 (D-Dur) (Kadenz)
edition on
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 19 491
Rating: difficult
  1. Allegro aperto
  2. Andante ma non troppo
  3. Allegro

Kadenzen zum Konzert in G-Dur von Mozart, KV 313 (G-Dur) (Kadenz)
edition on
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 19.492
Rating: difficult
  1. Allegro maestoso
  2. Adagio non troppo
  3. Rondo - Tempo di Minuetto

Methode Complete de flute - Band 1 (Schule)
edition on
Rating: easy
  1. Der Ton
  2. Die Artikulation
  3. Das Legato
  4. Die Synkope
  5. Die Dritte Oktave
  6. Das Kreuz und das Be
  7. Etüde in den leichtesten Tonarten
  8. Tonleitern in allen Dur- und Molltonarten
  9. Die Atmung
  10. Die Verzierungen
  11. Die Zungenstösse

Methode Complete de flute - Band 2 (Schule)
edition on
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Grosse tägliche mechanische Übungen
  2. 24 Progressive Etüden in allen Tonarten
  3. 12 Grosse Virtuose Etüden
  4. Erste Romanze von Xavier Leroux
  5. Nocturne von Georges Hüe
  6. Gigue von Georges Hüe
  7. Nymphen und Satyre von Albert Doyen
Oversized and linen-bound. A niece piece for collectors.
The text passages are completely in French, German and English. The second part starts with the Daily mechanic Excercises, which are also published separately. They are followed by 24 progressive etudes in all keys, the next are twelve etudes of virtuosity. Next comes a chapter about stilistic things, one about cadencas and some repertoire pieces and orchestral passages.

Quintette (g-moll)
edition on notenbuch.deCD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, oboe, clarinet in H flat, bassoon, horn in E flat)
Alphonse Leduc, AL 27 691
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Allegro con moto
  2. Andante
  3. Vivace
Parts and score in really good quality. All movements with metronome numbers.
I liked this one very much.
Written in 1878

CDs with/from Paul Taffanel

Philippe Bernold, Phlippe Berrod, Jean-Louis Capezzali, Benoît de Barsony, Ariane Jacob, Laurent Lefèvre
Caprice (2 CD) (2008)
Taffanel, Saint-Saens, Fauré - Oeuvres pour flûte et piano
  1. Paul Taffanel: Andante pastoral (03:39:00)
  2. Paul Taffanel: Scherzettino (01:56:00)
  3. Camille Saint-Saëns: Le Déluge - Prélude pour flûte et piano op. 45 (03:40:00)
  4. Paul Taffanel: Fantaisie sur Le Freischütz de C. Maria von Weber (11:13:00)
  5. Paul Taffanel: Fantaisie-transcription sur Les Indes Galantes de J. P. Rameau (07:37:00)
  6. Peter I. Tschaikowsky: Arioso ext. de Eugen Onegin (03:10:00)
  7. Paul Taffanel: Grande Fantaisie sur Francoise de Rimini d´Ambroise Thomas (20:06:00)
  8. Camille Saint-Saëns: Tarantelle pour flûte, clarinette et piano op. 6 (06:44:00)
  9. Camille Saint-Saëns: Caprice sur des airs danois et russes op. 79 (10:26:00)
  10. Gabriel Faure: Les Joueuses de flûte ext de Pénélope (03:49:00)
  11. Paul Taffanel: Sicilienne Etude op. 7 (03:55:00)
  12. Gabriel Faure: Fantasie op. 79 (05:03:00)
  13. Paul Taffanel: Grande Fantaisie sur Mignon d´Ambroise Thomas (12:07:00)
  14. Paul Taffanel: Allegretto grazioso (01:09:00)
  15. Paul Taffanel: Allegretto scherzando (01:19:00)
  16. Paul Taffanel: Fantaisie sur Jean de Nvelle de Leo Delibes (08:12:00)
  17. Paul Taffanel: Quintette en sol mineur pour instruments à vent:
  18. Allegro (09:32:00)
  19. Andante (06:11:00)
  20. Vivace (06:09:00)
  21. Camille Saint-Saëns: Romance op. 37 (05:31:00)
Katerina Englichova, Stephen Hough, Carlo Jans, Philharmonisches Bläserquintett Berlin
Danses et divertissements (2009)
Poulenc - Taffanel - Jolivet - Tomasi
    Paul Taffanel: Quintette en sol mineur pour instruments a vent:
  1. I. Allegro con moto (08:32:00)
  2. II. Andante (05:24:00)
  3. III. Vivace (07:12:00)
  4. Francis Poulenc: Sextuor pour piano et quintette a vent:
  5. I. Allegro vivace - Tres vite et emporte (07:17:00)
  6. II. Divertissement. Andantino (04:20:00)
  7. III. Finale. Prestissimo (05:20:00)
  8. André Jolivet: Serenade pour Quintette a vent avec Hautbois Principal:
  9. I. Cantilene. Moderato (04:03:00)
  10. II. Caprice. Scherzando (03:26:00)
  11. III. Intermede. Moderato (03:31:00)
  12. IV. Marche burlesque. Allegro (05:00:00)
  13. Henri Tomasi: Cinq Danses Profanes et Sacrees:
  14. I. Danse agreste. Allegretto (02:47:00)
  15. II. Danse profane. Scherzando (02:32:00)
  16. III. Danse sacree. Lent (03:00:00)
  17. IV. Danse nuptiale. Scherzando (01:56:00)
  18. V. Danse guerriere. Sauvagement frenetique (02:17:00)
Michel Debost, Christian Ivaldi
Flute Panorama CD 2 (1993)
The Golden Age of the Conservatoire
  1. Gabriel Faure: Fantaisie opus 79 (05:03:00)
  2. Georges Enescu: Cantabile et Presto (05:35:00)
  3. Alfredo Casella: Sicilienne et burlesque (08:22:00)
  4. Philippe Gaubert: Fantaisie - Moderato quasi fantasie - Lent - Vif (06:27:00)
  5. Georges Hüe: Fantaisie - Assez lent - Modere - Tres Vif (07:37:00)
  6. Louis Ganne: Andante et Scherzo (06:57:00)
  7. Philippe Gaubert: Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando (05:53:00)
  8. Paul Taffanel: Andante pastoral et Scherzettino (05:36:00)
  9. Albert Perilhou: Ballade (05:42:00)
  10. Henri Busser: Prelude et Scherzo (05:26:00)
Avalon Bläserquintett
Französische Bläserquintette (2000)
Werke von Taffanel, Ravel, Milhaud & Jolivet
    Paul Taffanel: Quintette pour instruments a vent:
  1. I Allegro con moto (10:08:00)
  2. II Andante (05:41:00)
  3. III Vivace (07:08:00)
  4. Maurice Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin:
  5. I Prelude (03:06:00)
  6. II Fugue (03:17:00)
  7. III Menuet (04:13:00)
  8. IV Rigaudon (02:55:00)
  9. Darius Milhaud: La Cheminee du Roi Rene op. 205:
  10. I Cortege (00:00:01)
  11. II Aubade (00:00:01)
  12. III Jongleurs (01:09:00)
  13. IV La Maousinglade (02:31:00)
  14. V Joutes sur L'arc (00:48:00)
  15. VI Chasse a Valabre (01:28:00)
  16. VII Madrigal-Nocturne (02:16:00)
  17. André Jolivet: Serenade:
  18. I Cantilene (03:28:00)
  19. II Caprice (03:37:00)
  20. III Intermede (03:48:00)
  21. IV Marche burlesque (05:08:00)

Literature von/über Paul Taffanel

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