Biography of Henri Busser (1872-1973)

Sheet music for flute:

Petite Suite (D-Dur)
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(flute (violin), piano)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. En Sourdine
  2. Valse lente
  3. Vieille Chanson
  4. Scherzetto
WARNING! This is not a flute edition! The editor just printed "flute" on the first page, thats it. The flute part goes down to the a beneath the deep h, the first movement is meant to be played "con sordino". A really cheap trick of the editors to sell more prints of this.

CDs with/from Henri Busser

Michel Debost, Christian Ivaldi
Flute Panorama CD 2 (1993)
The Golden Age of the Conservatoire
  1. Gabriel Faure: Fantaisie opus 79 (05:03:00)
  2. Georges Enescu: Cantabile et Presto (05:35:00)
  3. Alfredo Casella: Sicilienne et burlesque (08:22:00)
  4. Philippe Gaubert: Fantaisie - Moderato quasi fantasie - Lent - Vif (06:27:00)
  5. Georges Hüe: Fantaisie - Assez lent - Modere - Tres Vif (07:37:00)
  6. Louis Ganne: Andante et Scherzo (06:57:00)
  7. Philippe Gaubert: Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando (05:53:00)
  8. Paul Taffanel: Andante pastoral et Scherzettino (05:36:00)
  9. Albert Perilhou: Ballade (05:42:00)
  10. Henri Busser: Prelude et Scherzo (05:26:00)
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