Biography of Giacinto Maria Scelsi (1905-1988)

Born in La Spezia in a noble family
Private composition studies in Rome, Geneve and Vienna
First composition
Arranges concerts with modern music in Rome
Longer stay at the hospital
Returns to Rome
Quays for alto flute solo is written as a present for Levine
Dies in Rome

Sheet music for flute:

edition on notenbuch.deCD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute (alto flute))
Rating: difficult
  1. Adagio
This edition from 1953 was edited by Carin Levine. The edition for alto flute was authorised by the composer. There are annotations regarding the timbre. The Epilogue needs to be played in very strict rhythm, while where are no bars. All comments are given in German, English and Italian.

edition on notenbuch.deCD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, clarinet)
Editions Salabert, E. A. S. 18255
Rating: difficult
  1. Viertel = 84
  2. Viertel = 46
  3. Prestissimo (Viertel = 144)
  4. Viertel = 60
Only score and only one of it. If you really want to play this, you have to either buy two of this (more than 25 Euro each in Germany) or to mage illegal copies..... I do not want to guess which choice most people will make.

CDs with/from Giacinto Maria Scelsi

Kristi Becker, Carin Levine, Edith Salmen, Peter Veale
Giacinto Scelsi (1998)
Chamber Works for Flute and Piano
  1. Tranquillo (03:52:00)
  2. Con moto (02:42:00)
  3. Tranquillo (04:00:00)
  4. Pwyll (04:08:00)
  5. Cinque Incantesimi:
  6. Deciso imperioso (02:30:00)
  7. Presto (wild and strident (01:28:00)
  8. Agitato (01:18:00)
  9. Lento (misterioso, sopran naturale) (04:05:00)
  10. Wild and stridnet (02:04:00)
  11. Rucke di guck:
  12. I. (02:27:00)
  13. II. (03:03:00)
  14. III. (03:30:00)
  15. Quays (03:12:00)
  16. Quattro Illustrazioni:
  17. Shésha-Shayi Vishnu (03:16:00)
  18. Varaha-Avatara (03:10:00)
  19. Rama-Avatara (02:46:00)
  20. Krishna-Avatara (03:44:00)

Literature von/über Giacinto Maria Scelsi

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