Biography of Eugenia Zukerman (*1944)

Portrait of flutist Eugenia Zukerman
©Angela Jimenez
Flutist Eugenia Zukerman
©Angela Jimenez
Born in Cambridge
Studies at Barnard and ath the Juillard School with Julius Baker
Wins Young Concert Artist Award
Artistic Director of the Vail Valley Music Festival in the Rocky Mountains
Author of several books and journalist
Arts correspondent of CBS Sunday Morning

CDs with/from Eugenia Zukerman

Anthony Newman, Eugenia Zukerman
Time Pieces (1989)
  1. Joseph Haydn: 12 Pieces for musical clock (15:28:00)
  2. Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Grande Roundeau Brilliante (13:52:00)
  3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Andante (06:37:00)
  4. Allegro (04:12:00)
  5. Andante (02:02:00)
  6. Rondo (04:15:00)
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