Biography of Marcel Moyse (1889-1984)

Born in St. Amour
Studies with Gaubert, Taffanel and Hennebains at the conservatory
First price of the conservatory
Marriage with Céline Gautreau
First flutist in all leading French orchestras and soloist carreer as a soloist
Professorships at the conservatories in Geneve and Paris for a period of eight years and foundation of the Moyse-Trio (flute, violin and piano)
Plays the premiere of the Ibert flute concerto, conductor is Gaubert
Premier flutist of the Swiss Romanic Orchestra
Roussel dedicated the first movement of Joueurs de Flute to him
Numerous concerts together with his Sohn and author of several books and methods
Knight of the Legion of Honors, parting from the conservatory, where among his students Trevor Wye, Aitken, Bennett, Debost, Graf, Jaunet and Nicolet were

Sheet music for flute:

24 Petites Études Mélodiques (Etüde)
edition on amazon
Alphonse Leduc, AL 18025
Rating: mid-grade
Short melodies, rhythmically variated. You have to play in the first two octaves only.
48 Études de Virtuosité 1 (Etüde)
edition at jpc
Alphonse Leduc, Al 18163
Rating: difficult
De La Sonorite - Art et Technique (Technik)
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 18166
Rating: easy
The bible of flute sound. Laborious and useful exercises for daily warm up.
École de l'Articulation (Technik)
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 17339
Rating: mid-grade
Etudes et Exercices Techniques (Technik)
Alphonse Leduc, AL 16443
Rating: difficult
Gammes et Arpèges - 480 Exercices pour la Flûte (Technik)
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 18 165
Rating: difficult
Short technical exercises in all tonalities. The best mixture is given by the included practising concept. Fixed part of my practising. One row of numbers at the beginning each day.
Tägliche Übungen (Technik)
Alphonse Leduc, AL 16638
Rating: difficult
  1. Chromatische Übungen
  2. Ganzton-Tonleiter
  3. Akkorde mit übermässiger Quinte
  4. Akkorde mit verminderter Septime
  5. Dur-Tonleitern
  6. Moll-Tonleitern
  7. Dreiklänge
  8. Septimakkorde
  9. Terzen
  10. Gebrochene Akkorde
  11. Quarten
  12. Gebrochene Akkorde
  13. Sexten
  14. Gebrochene Akkorde
  15. Septimen
  16. Gebrochene Akkorde
  17. Oktaven
  18. Gebrochene Akkorde
Technical studies including a practising concept, chromatics, harmonies, intervals and so on.
The Golden Age of the Flutists Vol. 1 (Sammlung)
edition at jpc
(flute, piano)
Musikverlag Zen On
Rating: difficult
  1. Grand Solo No. 13 (Tulou)
  2. Fantasie Melancolique (Reichert)
  3. Fantasie sur le Freyschutz (Taffanel)
Vingt Études D´Apres Kreutzer (Etüde)
edition at jpc
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 17 461
Rating: difficult
Zwölf Virtuosen-Etüden nach Chopin (Etüde)
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 17 462
Rating: very difficult

Literature von/über Marcel Moyse

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