Biography of Hubert Laws (*1939)

 Hubert Laws in Concert
Photography kindly provided by Hyou Vielz
Born in Houston, his mother was playing the piano in church
Learns to ply piano himself, later Mellophone (special kind of horn) and alto sax.
Starts to play flute in special parts for the school band
Classical flute lessons in Houston with Clement Barone
Founding of Modern Jazz Sextet (or The Jazz Crusaders)
Scholarship for the Juilliard School of Music
Flutist of the Orchestra U. S. A.
Flute studies with Julius Baker
Actually tries to establish flute in Jazz

CDs with/from Hubert Laws

Marty Banks, Garnett Brown, Sam Brown, Chick Corea, Richard Davis, Bill Fitch, Carmelo Garcia, Rodgers Grant, Hubert Laws, Israel "Cahao" Lopez, Ray Lucas, Tom McIntosh, Raymond Orchart, Jimmy Owens, Victor Pantoja, Benny Powell, Bobby Thomas, Chris White
  1. Miss thing (03:47:00)
  2. All Soul (03:39:00)
  3. Black Eyed Peas and Rice (03:25:00)
  4. Bessie´s Blues (06:12:00)
  5. And don´t you forget it (02:59:00)
  6. Bimbe Blue (07:51:00)
  7. Capers (00:00:05)
  8. Bloodshot (04:40:00)
  9. Miedo (05:10:00)
  10. Mea Lene (05:15:00)
  11. No you´d better not (00:00:03)
  12. Let her go (03:25:00)
  13. Strange Girl (08:20:00)
  14. Baila Cinderella (04:26:00)

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