Biography of Dimitrij Schostakowitsch (1906-1975)

Born in St. Petersburg
Studies with Steinberg and Glasunov in Petrograd, his first symphony was the final year project.
Musical head of the Moscow theatre Wsewolod Meiercholds
Two years after the successful premiere of the opera Lady Macbeth he falls in misgrace for another performance of this opera, which Stalin did not like.
Lectorship at the Leningrad conservatory
Lectorship at Moscow conservatory
Member of the communistic party
He was under considerable strain from the regime and followed the conception of musical taste of the system.
Dies in Moscow

Sheet music for flute:

Polka - from the Golden Age (Bearbeitung)
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(flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
Rating: easy
  1. Polka - Allegretto
Parts and score. Fancy piece.
Preludes (G-Dur)
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(flute (violin), clarinet (violin), bassoon (cello))
Rating: mid-grade
  1. I - Moderato
  2. II - Allegretto
Very nice, great passages for the clarinet and a lovely solo for the bassoon.
Quartett No. 8 op. 110 (Bearbeitung)
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(flute/piccolo, oboe/english horn, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
Musica Rara, MR 2229
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Largo
  2. Allegro molto
  3. Allegretto
  4. Largo
  5. Largo
Parts and score
Written after a visit to the devastated city of Dresden in 1960. This fact makes the dark atmsophere of the work understandable.
At first sight reading not much convincing. I think there is some more studying needed.
Vier Walzer
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(flute/piccolo, clarinet in H flat, piano)
Rating: easy
  1. Frühlingswalzer - Allegretto
  2. Scherzwalzer - Allegretto scherzando
  3. Walzer - Tempo di valse
  4. Drehorgel - Allegretto
The first waltz is for clarinet and piano, the second for flute and piano, the third for flute, clarinet and piano and the last for piccolo, clarinet and piano.
Strange glossy paper reflecting artificial light. Not very clever..... a pencil does not write very well on this paper.
The piano part is nearly unplayable as the pianist has to turn about five pages for the dacapo and back again to get to coda.
Beside all the critic regarding the edition, the music itself is very playable and lovely.
Waltz No. 2 (d-moll) (Bearbeitung)
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(flute, piano)
Rating: very easy
  1. Waltz

CDs with/from Dimitrij Schostakowitsch

Eric Le Sage, Francois Meyer, Paul Meyer, Emmanuel Pahud
French Connection (2005)
  1. Dimitrij Schostakowitsch: Waltz No. 3 (02:52:00)
  2. Heitor Villa-Lobos: Choros No. 2 (02:28:00)
  3. Florent Schmitt: Sonatine en trio Op. 85:
  4. I. Assez anime (02:18:00)
  5. II. Assez vif (02:18:00)
  6. III. Tres lent (02:32:00)
  7. IV Anime (01:21:00)
  8. Darius Milhaud: Sonate Op. 47:
  9. I. Tranquille (07:05:00)
  10. II. Joyeux (03:06:00)
  11. III. Emporte (01:55:00)
  12. IV. Douloureux (06:18:00)
  13. André Jolivet: Sonatine:
  14. I. Andantino (03:29:00)
  15. II. Quasi cadenza (02:44:00)
  16. III. Intermezzo (03:34:00)
  17. Maurice Emmanuel: Sonate Op. 11:
  18. I. Allegro con spirito (04:03:00)
  19. II. Adagio (05:11:00)
  20. III Molto allegro e leggierissimo (03:33:00)
  21. Dimitrij Schostakowitsch: Waltz No. 4 (02:11:00)
Eine meiner Lieblingsscheiben. Tolle Musik und super gespielt. Interessante Zusammenstellung dieser nicht alltäglichen Besetzungen.

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