Biography of Matyas Seiber (1905-1960)

Born in Budapest
Studies in Budapest with Kodaly
Discovered similiarities between Macedonian folk music of today and the descriptions of music written by Platon in the fifth century. Macedonia was an old Greek province
Lives for some years in Germany playing music on a ship, being music journalist, cello player and conductor.
Head of the first European class for jazz music at the Frankfurt conservatory for five years.
Escape from National Socialism to England
Foundation of the chamber choir Dorian Singers in London
Composed the music for the priced movie of Animal Farm.
Dies at a car accident near Johannesburg in South Africa
Kodaly and Ligeti compose works for his remembrance

Sheet music for flute:

Dance Suite (Bearbeitung)
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(flute, oboe, clarinet in H flat, bassoon (alto sax))
Schott Verlag, ED 12429
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Novelty Foxtrot
  2. Tango-Fox
  3. Polka
  4. Jazz-Etudiette
  5. Tango
  6. Waltz I
  7. Waltz II
  8. Cake-Walk
  9. Ragtime
  10. Paso Doble
Very cute arrangements of this short dance music of the twenties.
The main problem is to find the way through these arrangements with all the segnos, codas and so on.
Permutazioni a Cinque
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(flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
Rating: difficult
  1. I - Viertel 90 - Allegretto scherzando - Sostenuto - stretto
This is a pocket score, the parts are available separately.
Commissioned by the Virtuoso Chamber Ensemble in 1958.
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