Biography of Jules Demersseman (1833-1866)

Born in Hondschoote
Start of studies at the conservatory with Tulou in october
First price of conservatory
Stayed with the "old" flute with eight keys for all his life, on which he achieved great viruosity. Due to his insisting on the old flute he never got any lectorship.
Dies in Paris

Sheet music for flute:

Grande Fantaisie de Concert op. 52
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(flute, piano)
Alphonse Leduc, A. L. 19 486
Rating: difficult
  1. Allegro marziale - Andantino - Andante non troppo lento - Andante - Final. Allegro
Still available allthoug my edition is very old and in a large format.
Sixth Solo de Concert - Italienisches Konzert (F-Dur)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, piano)
Rating: difficult
  1. Maestoso martiale - Chanson Napolitaine - Finale (Saltarello)

CDs with/from Jules Demersseman

Jean-Louis Tulou et ses élèves (2011)
la flûte romantique à Paris
  1. Jules Demersseman: Petite fantaisie poètique (04:18:00)
  2. Jules Demersseman: Boléro (02:40:00)
  3. Jules Demersseman: Deuxième Sonate op. 23:
  4. Allegro vivace (06:20:00)
  5. Andante (05:33:00)
  6. Scherzo final (05:01:00)
  7. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Donjon: Le chang du vent (02:08:00)
  8. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Donjon: Elégie - Etude (02:58:00)
  9. Jean-Louis Tulou: Duo concertant op. 72:
  10. Allegro moderato (09:00:00)
  11. Allegro appassionato (08:05:00)
  12. Jean-Louis Tulou: Le café du roi (09:33:00)
  13. Jules Demersseman: Hommage á Tulou (10:31:00)
  14. Jean-Louis Tulou: Cavatine de la Zelmira (12:15:00)

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