Biography of Giuseppe Cambini (1746-1825)

Born in Livorno (date not shure)
From this day regularly cited in music live of Paris, where his works were played with great success.
Said to have met Mozart shortly.
Dies in Bicetre near Paris
One of the founders of Symphony Concertante and concertant string quartet
Wrote many duets vor violins, violas, celli and flutes.

Sheet music for flute:

6 Duos für 2 Flöten op. 11
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(2 flutes)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Duo I (D-Dur)
  2. Duo II (G-Dur)
  3. Duo III (A-Dur)
Only parts. Each duet consists of only one movement.
Bläserquintett Nr. 3 (F-Dur)
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(flute, oboe (clarinet), clarinet in H flat, bassoon, horn)
Thomi-Berg, AM 131
Rating: easy
  1. Allegro maestoso
  2. Larghetto sostenuto
  3. Rondo. Allegretto con brio
Only parts. The alternative clarinet is in C. Thus there is no additional part for clarinet. I guess any oboe part could be played on a clarinet like this.
Sechs Sonaten für Flöte und Violoncello oder Fagott - Band II
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(flute, bassoon (cello))
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Sonata IV (C-Dur): Allegro - Adagio - Tempo di Minuetto
  2. Sonata V (D-Dur): Allegro - Adagio - Minuetto con Variazioni
  3. Sonata VI (Es-Dur): Allegro espressivo - Adagio - Rondo Allegretto
Only parts.
Trio op. 45 No. 6 (a-moll)
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(flute, oboe, bassoon)
Musica Rara, MR 1921
Rating: easy
  1. Allegro con grazia
  2. Rondo - Allegretto grazioso - minore
Parts and score

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