Biography of Daniel Schnyder (*1961)

Born in Zurich
Studies flute with Heinrich Keller
Teiresiars for bassflute and piano
Moves to New York
Sailing for flute alone
Portrait of Charlie Parker for flute and piano and "Who Nose" a Portrait of Charles Mingus for flute and piano
Baroquelochness for flute and piano
Sonata for flute and piano
Melousine for flute and piano and Suite Proven%ccedil;ale for flute and bassflute
The Four Elements for flute and piano, dedicated to Swetlana Emeljanowa
Composer in Residence of Radio Sinfonieorchestra Berlin
Featured composer of the National Flute Convention Charlotte
Additionally he is a successful saxophonist his works are played and recorded by Pahud, Ziegler, Langevin

Sheet music for flute:

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(flute, oboe/english horn, clarinet/bass clarinet, bassoon, horn)
Rating: difficult
  1. Freely
  2. Lento
  3. Rhythm & Blues Feel
  4. Viertel = 138
Parts and score. Nothing to find about the tuning of the horn part.
Suite Provençale
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(2 flutes)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Bateu solitaire dans les calanques
  2. Les abeilles dans la glycine
  3. La bouillabaisse
  4. Mistral
  5. Les les scintillent au large
  6. La vigne et l'olivier
  7. Au loin on entend l'Afrique
  8. Les fontaines d'Aix
in score. Absolutely beautiful
A bit jazzy, original and nice music. Both players play from one score.
The recording is played with flute and bass flute, very good groove.
The Colors of Nari - 3 Bagatellen für zwei Instrumente
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(alto flute, (clarinet))
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Blue

CDs with/from Daniel Schnyder

Manhattanite (2010)
The complete Works for Flute and Piano by Daniel Schnyder
    The four Elements, for flute and piano:
  1. Earth / Gaia (03:48:00)
  2. Kyklos Aquae (03:45:00)
  3. Aulos (02:08:00)
  4. Il Fuoco / "Feuertanz" (03:10:00)
  5. Portrait of Charlie Parker, for flute and piano (03:02:00)
  6. Sonata for flute and piano:
  7. The Manhattanite (10:38:00)
  8. A travers les ondes élastiques de l´atmosphère (04:29:00)
  9. A brasilera (06:06:00)
  10. Teiresias, for bassflute and piano (06:16:00)
  11. "Who Nose" a Portrait of charles Mingus for flute and piano (02:34:00)
  12. Melousine for flute and piano (08:39:00)
  13. Baroquelochness for flute and piano (03:06:00)
  14. Sailing, for flute alone (05:18:00)
  15. Suite provençale, Duo für Flöte und Bassflöte:
  16. Bateau solitaire dans les calanques (02:13:00)
  17. Suite provencale, Duo für Flöte und Bassflöte:
  18. La bouillabaisse (01:44:00)
  19. Les îles scintillent au large (00:51:00)
  20. Farandole (00:44:00)
  21. La vigne et l´olive (02:10:00)
  22. Au loin on entend l´Afrique (01:52:00)
  23. Les fontaines d´Aix (01:59:00)
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