Biography of Jean-Louis Tulou (1786-1865)

Born in Paris being son of a bassoonist, who had a lectorship at the conservatory and bassoonist at the Paris Opera.
Student of Johann Georg Wunderlich. At the age of 15 already said to be the best flutist of whole France.
Start of studies at the conservatory with Wunderlich.
Second price at the conservatory
First price of the conservatory
Premier flutist of the Grand Opera in Paris (might also have been 1804)
Successor of Wunderlich in the role of the director of Grand Opera
Professorship at Paris conservatory
Concert tour to London with little success as his stile did not suite the Britains (same again in 1824 and 1829)
End of his working at the Grand Opera due to political reasons.
Working again for the Grand Opera and teaching at the conservatory. Among his students were Altes, Demerssemann, Walckiers, Dorus and Gordon.
Tulou is mentioned in the Novel Les secrets de la Princesse de Cadignan by Balzac
Start of a flute production with Nonon
Publication of his flute method
Retirement and move to Nantes
Knight of the honory legion
He played on a four key flute and disliked the innovations of Böhms for all his live. One of his instruments is part of a exhibition at the conservatory in Paris.
Dies in Nantes

Sheet music for flute:

3 Grand Duos Op. 72
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(2 flutes)
  1. 1. Duett (Allegro moderato - Rondo (Allegro appassionato))
  2. 2. Duett (Allegro moderato - Rondo (Allegro))
  3. 3. Duett (Allegro moderato nobile - Air with variations - Polacca (Leggiero))
Not so easy but beautiful. Two parts, no score.
Drei Duos op. 14
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(2 flutes)
Rating: easy
  1. Duo I (Allegro poco presto - Rondo Allegretto )
  2. Duo II (Moderato espressivo - Andante espressivo poco Allegretto con Var.)
  3. Duo III (Moderato - Presto)
One Score
Méthode de Flûte op. 100 (Schule)
edition on amazon
Schott Verlag, IMSLP-112356
Rating: easy
Copy of the complete method in paperback as part of the series Performer's Reprints. It's bilingual (French/German). The texts are partly hard to read, but it is a nice idea to provide this classical milestones in such an achievable edition.
Trio op. 24 (Es-Dur)
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(3 flutes)
Zimmermann, ZM 2370
Rating: difficult
  1. Moderato
  2. Adagio
  3. Rondo
Parts, no score.

CDs with/from Jean-Louis Tulou

Clifford Benson, Trevor Wye
Flute Recital
  1. Jean-Louis Tulou: Fantasie on a Theme of Caraffa (06:50:00)
  2. Jean Sibelius: Scaramouche (03:18:00)
  3. Jean Sibelius: Rondino (01:54:00)
  4. Pietro Domenico Paradies: Sicilienne (02:17:00)
  5. Crips: Rondinello (04:00:00)
  6. Albert von Sachsen-Coburg: Melody in F (01:56:00)
  7. Frederick Chopin: Minute Waltz (01:39:00)
  8. Franz Liszt: Consolation No. 3 (04:20:00)
  9. Cecil Chaminade: Automne (06:10:00)
  10. N. N.: Camino Pelao (01:11:00)
  11. N. N.: Junana (02:04:00)
  12. N. N.: El Cameleon (02:41:00)
  13. N. N.: Estilo (01:36:00)
  14. Narcís Bonet: La Partida (02:01:00)
  15. N. N.: El Frutero (02:13:00)
  16. Angel E. Lasala: Cielito (01:38:00)
  17. N. N.: Sol en Merengue (02:26:00)
  18. N. N.: El quitapesares (02:16:00)
Jean-Louis Tulou et ses élèves (2011)
la flûte romantique à Paris
  1. Jules Demersseman: Petite fantaisie poètique (04:18:00)
  2. Jules Demersseman: Boléro (02:40:00)
  3. Jules Demersseman: Deuxième Sonate op. 23:
  4. Allegro vivace (06:20:00)
  5. Andante (05:33:00)
  6. Scherzo final (05:01:00)
  7. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Donjon: Le chang du vent (02:08:00)
  8. Jean-Marie-Baptiste Donjon: Elégie - Etude (02:58:00)
  9. Jean-Louis Tulou: Duo concertant op. 72:
  10. Allegro moderato (09:00:00)
  11. Allegro appassionato (08:05:00)
  12. Jean-Louis Tulou: Le café du roi (09:33:00)
  13. Jules Demersseman: Hommage á Tulou (10:31:00)
  14. Jean-Louis Tulou: Cavatine de la Zelmira (12:15:00)

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