Biography of Bill Holcombe (1924-2010)

Studies flute with Arthur Lora and Arthur Wriggins at the Julliard School
Studies composition at the university of Pennsylvania with Harold Bennett
Arranger and flutist for the bands of Tommy Dorsey, Tex Beneke and Fred Waring
Principal flute of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer´s New York broadcast
Arranger and composer for band, orchestra, movie themes and chamber music
Flutist of various orchestras, Broadway Shows and as a member of the bands of Burt Bachrach, Peter Nero and Philly Pops.

Sheet music for flute:

24 Jazz Etudes for Flute (Jazz/Pop/Rock)
(flute, playback cassette chord symbols, playback cd)
Musicians Publications, FP801
Rating: mid-grade
  1. C major - Medium Swing
  2. A minor - Slowly - Blues feel
  3. F Major - Medium Swing Tempo
  4. D minor - Lively Jazz Waltz
  5. Bb major - Fast 4 Swing feel
  6. G minor - In a slow 4, Latin, Jazz-Rock feel
  7. Es major - Medium Swing
  8. C minor - Slow 4
  9. As major - Latin even eighth note feel
  10. F minor - Swing feel
  11. Bb minor - Tempo di Jazz-Rock
  12. Des major - Poco rubato
  13. Ges major - Easy Swing
  14. B major - Perky Blues Feel
  15. Gis minor - Slowly and very lyrically
  16. E major - Medium Swing
  17. Gis minor - In 2
  18. A major - Moderately Brite 4
  19. Fis minor - Bright Swing 4
  20. D major - Easy Swing
  21. B minor - Slow Blues Tempo
  22. G major - Medium Swing
  23. E minor - Slowly, but with rhythmic drive
For each etude there is a stilistic hint and a metronome number. The pieces are really flute like, not easy but fun to play. You can see that the composer is a flutist himself.
Blues Sophistacato (Jazz/Pop/Rock)
(4 flutes, piano)
Musicians Publications, FQ 101
  1. Blues Sophistacato
The piano parts gives chord symbols and a written score, putting all flute parts in one line.
Contemporary Flute Solos in Pop/Jazz Styles (Jazz/Pop/Rock)
(flute, piano, playback cd)
Musicians Publications
Rating: easy
  1. Bill Holcombe: Sapphire
  2. Bill Holcombe: Lazy Afternoon
  3. Bill Holcombe: Firefly
  4. George Genna: Weeping Willow
  5. Bill Holcombe: Uptown
  6. Bill Holcombe: Only You
  7. Bill Holcombe: Swingin Flutist
  8. Bill Holcombe: Blue Monday
  9. George Genna: First Flower
  10. George Genna: City Lights
Different styles. Technically not so demanding but suited to be played in concert.
Contemporary Flute Solos in Pop/Jazz Styles (Jazz/Pop/Rock)
(flute, piano, playback cassette)
Musicians Publications
Rating: easy
The old edition with play back cassette. Today available with CD playback. Nice original compositions and very flute like. Ideal for first learning to play pop or jazz.
Seven come Eleven (Jazz/Pop/Rock)
(4 flutes, piano ad. Lib.)
Musicians Publications, FQ 103
  1. Seven come Eleven
Parts and a score for the piano, where the flutes are printed in one line.
Swingin' Flutist (Jazz/Pop/Rock)
(4 flutes, double bass optional, accompanying instrument chord symbols)
Musicians Publications, FQ 108
  1. Medium swing groove
Parts and score. The optional bass plays from the score. The score includes chord symbols for other accompanying instruments.
The Swing (C-Dur) (Jazz/Pop/Rock)
(4 flutes, piano ad. Lib.)
Musicians Publications, FQ102
Rating: easy
  1. Whimsically
This is more like a double duo, as second and fourth and first and third part are identical.
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