Biography of Jan Gippo

Born in California
BA in Applied Flute plus a Teaching Certificate from the New England Conservatory of Music Boston and a Double Master's Degree in Aöölied flute and Wind Ensemble Conducting/Literatur from the New England Conservatory.
Flutist and Piccolist of St. Louis Symphony
Teached at University of Missouri-St. LouisSt. Louis University/i> and director of Chamber Music at Webster University

Sheet music for flute:

The Golden Age of the Virtuoso Piccolo, Volume 1 (Sammlung)
edition at jpc
(piccolo, piano)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Frank Brockett: The Linnet (Polka)
  2. John S. Cox: Birdie's Favorite (Concert Piccolo Polka)
  3. John S. Cox: Sweet Birdie (Polka)
  4. Trevor Green: Picaroon (Polacca)
  5. Charles le Thiere: Sylvia (Scherzo)
  6. Samuel Woodworth: The Old Oaken Bucket (Theme & Variations)
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