Biography of Christopher Rouse (*1949)

Composition of the flute concerto. The middle movement is the expression of the composers feelings about the death of James Bulger, a two year old, to whom the work is dedicated. The boy was 1993 in Liverpool tortured and killed by two ten year olds.

CDs with/from Christopher Rouse

Sharon Bezaly, Brett Dean, Alan Gilbert, Jean-Jacques Kantorow, John Neschling, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Tapiola Sinfonietta
    Nicolas Bacri: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra op. 63:
  1. Largo misterioso - Allegro moderato (04:55:00)
  2. Estatico (05:22:00)
  3. Andante scorrevole (05:21:00)
  4. Leonard Bernstein: Halil (14:39:00)
  5. Brett Dean: The Siduri Dances (12:10:00)
  6. Christopher Rouse: Flute Concerto:
  7. Amhrán (04:02:00)
  8. Alla Marcia (04:15:00)
  9. Elegia (09:37:00)
  10. Scherzo (04:53:00)
  11. Amhrán (05:07:00)
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