Biography of Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)

Born in Pesaro being son of two professional musicians (father played French horn and was at the same time inspector of the urban slaughterhouse, the mother was a singer.)
Grows up with his grandmother, while his parents work as travelling musicians
Horn lessons from his father, besides that studying piano and viola
Six quartets, originally for two violins, cello and double bass
Moving to Bologna, composition lessons from Padre Angelo Tesei
Studies in Bologna: cello, piano and counter point.
Premiere of his first opera "La cambiale die Matrimonio" in Venice
Breakthrough with the opera "Tancredi"
Contractual obligation at the Royal theatres in Naples
Marries soprano Isabella Colbran
Visits in London and Paris
Premieur Compositieur of king Karl X. in Paris and inspector for singing for whole France
His mother dies
Retreats from the opera due to the political change, a legal dispute with the new government and because of a change in the musical taste of the time
Separates from his wife, nervous crisis
Meets Olympe Pélissier his later second wife
Travels through Beldium and Germany, meeting with Mendelssohn
Formal separation from his wife, meeting with Liszt
His father dies
Death of his first wife
Head of the Liceo Musicale
Marries Olympe Pélissier
Move to Florence due to political reasons
Ongoing depression and illness
Sells possessions in Bologna
Final return to France
Enhancement of his health, composition of the age sins
First of a row of saturday evening events of the Rossinis
Visit of Richard Wagner and Hanslik at Rossinis
Liszt visits Rossini
Dies in Passy near Paris.
Rossini was of great influence on other composers, among them Schubert. He was the musical idol of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

Sheet music for flute:

6 Quartette - Heft 1: Nos. 1-3 (Bearbeitung)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, clarinet in H flat, bassoon, horn in F)
Schott Verlag, ED 3164
Rating: difficult
  1. No. I (Allegro moderato - Andante - Rondo Allegro)
  2. No. II (Moderato - Andante - Allegro)
  3. No. III (Allegro - Andante - Allegretto)
Only parts. Originally for two violins, cello and double bass, this version for winds by Friedrich Berr was published 1828/29 in Paris and Mainz.
From a musical point of view this might be light fare. For the player it is a really hard to job to make it sound easy.
Andante con Variazioni (G-Dur)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, harp)
Salvi Publications, 10070
Rating: mid-grade
Andante und Allegro (D-Dur)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, piano)
Eulenburg, GM 209
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Andante molto
  2. Allegro
Beliebte Stücke aus Rossinis Opern (Sammlung)
(2 flutes)
Rating: easy
  1. Tancredi
  2. Il turco in Italia
  3. La gazza ladra
  4. Elisabetta
Der Barbier von Sevilla (Bearbeitung)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(2 flutes)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Ouverture
  2. Cavatina (Sieh schon die Morgenröte)
  3. Cavatina (Ich bin das Faktotum der schönen Welt)
  4. Duetto (Strahlt auf mich der Blitz des Goldes)
  5. Cavatina (Frag ich mein beklomm'nes Herz)
  6. Duetto (Also ich? meinst du es wirklich?)
  7. Quintetto (Wohl zu ruhen wird Sie stärken)
  8. Aria (Sich vermählen will der Alte)
  9. FInale (Nur Mut und List und Liebe)
Only parts.
The opera was written in 1816.
Der Barbier von Sevilla - Ouvertüre zur Oper (E-Dur)
edition on amazonCD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(piccolo, oboe, bassoon)
Uetz, BU 5917
Rating: easy
  1. Andante maestoso
Parts and score
Flötenquartett I (G-Dur)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, violin, viola, cello)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Moderato
  2. Andante
  3. Rondo Allegro
Originally for two violins, cello and double bass, this edition was first published in 1828/29 in Paris and Mainz.
Flötenquartett III (B-Dur)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, violin, viola, cello)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Allegro vivace
  2. Andante
  3. Allegretto
Only parts, no score. Originally for two violins, cello and double bass, this edition was published in 1828.
Flötenquartett IV (D-Dur)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, violin, viola, cello)
Rating: difficult
  1. Allegro spiritoso
  2. Andante assai
  3. Allegro tempesta
Only parts, no score.
Everybody knowing the woodwind quartets will recognize the melodies. Here the flute part is very dominant like in a solo concerto.
Katzen-Duett (d-moll) (Bearbeitung)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, clarinet in H flat, piano)
Phoenix Music, PM9079
Rating: easy
  1. Adagio (ma non troppo)
From the series Tea Junction. Probably made for music students. A quite cheap paper put together in a plastic cover. It is a cheap edition though.
La Cambiale di Matrimonio (Bearbeitung)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
Rating: mid-grade
Score and parts.
The opera this quintet is made of, was written by Rossini at the age of 18.
Sechs Quartette - Heft 2: (IV - VI) (Bearbeitung)
CD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, clarinet In B flat and A, bassoon, horn in F)
Schott Verlag, ED 3165
Rating: difficult
  1. No. IV (Allegro vivace - Andante - Rondo Allegretto)
  2. No. V (Allegro spiritoso - Andante assai - Rondo)
  3. No. VI (Andante - Thema Allegretto mit 5 Var. und Finale)
I love all of those six quartets.
Originally for Streichquartett.
Serenata (Es-Dur)
edition at jpcCD-Aufnahmen bei jpc.deMP3-Download bei
(flute, oboe, english horn, 2 violins, viola, cello)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Andante
Only score

CDs with/from Gioacchino Rossini

Ma'alot Quintett
  1. Sinfonia (05:22:00)
  2. Introduzione e Cavatina (Amenaide) (04:18:00)
  3. Cavatina (Tancredi) "Di tanti palpiti" (04:36:00)
  4. Finale Primo (05:47:00)
  5. Scena (Amenaide) (02:27:00)
  6. Coro "Plaudite o popoli" (02:29:00)
  7. Duetto "Lasciami" (06:33:00)
  8. Aria (Roggiero) "Torni al fin ridente" (02:10:00)
  9. Finale Secondo (01:18:00)
  10. La Cenerentola:
  11. Sinfonia (07:56:00)
  12. Canzone "Miei rampolli feminini" e Duetto "Un soave non so che" (04:19:00)
  13. Quintetto "Signore, una parola" (04:29:00)
  14. Aria (Don Ramiro) "Si, ritrovarla io giuro" (04:21:00)
  15. Canzone "Miei rampolli feminini" e Temporale (05:25:00)
  16. Finale (05:25:00)
Consortium Classicum
Gioacchino Rossini - Sechs Quartette (1986)
    Quartett Nr. 1 F-Dur:
  1. I. Allegro moderato (04:48:00)
  2. II. Andante (03:36:00)
  3. III. Rondo (02:21:00)
  4. Quartett Nr. 2 G-Dur:
  5. I. Moderato (06:41:00)
  6. II. Andante (02:59:00)
  7. III. Allegro (02:13:00)
  8. Quartett Nr. 3 F-Dur:
  9. I. Allegro (07:06:00)
  10. II. Andante (02:42:00)
  11. III. Allegretto (03:16:00)
  12. Quartett Nr. 4 B-Dur:
  13. I. Allegro vivace (06:07:00)
  14. II. Andante (03:16:00)
  15. III. Rondo (02:16:00)
  16. Quartett Nr. 5 D-Dur:
  17. I. Allegro spirituoso (06:58:00)
  18. II. Andante assai (02:18:00)
  19. III. Rondo  (03:10:00)
  20. Quartett Nr. 6 F-Dur:
  21. I. Andante (03:46:00)
  22. II. Thema und Variationen (Allegretto) (05:45:00)
James Galway, Kazuhito Yamashita
Italian Serenade (1994)
Giuliani - Cimarosa - Paganini - Rossini - Bazzini
    Mauro Giuliani: Grand duo concertant, Op. 85:
  1. Allegro maestoso (06:29:00)
  2. Andante molto sostenuto (04:43:00)
  3. Scherzo (03:07:00)
  4. Allegretto espressivo (05:05:00)
  5. Domenico Cimarosa: Serenade:
  6. Larghetto (04:56:00)
  7. Allegro (01:37:00)
  8. Largo (alla siciliana) (02:32:00)
  9. Allegro giusto (02:22:00)
  10. Niccolo Paganini: Sonata concertata:
  11. Allegro spiritoso (07:17:00)
  12. Adagio assai espressivo (04:21:00)
  13. Rondeau - Allegretto con brio - Scherzando (02:01:00)
  14. Gioacchino Rossini: Andante con variazioni in F-Dur (04:30:00)
  15. Antonio Bazzini: La ronde des lutins, Op. 25 (05:52:00)
Marie-Christine Amann, Michel Roublot
Variations - Art &Virtuosite
  1. Paul-Agricole Génin: Air Napolitain - Theme & variations (00:00:00)
  2. Frederick Chopin: Sur un theme de Cendrillon, opera de Rossini, Variations 1,2,3 & 4 (00:00:00)
  3. Theobald Böhm: Variations brillantes sur un air suisse Theme & variations 1,2 & 3, Adagio & Variation 4 (00:00:00)
  4. Paul-Agricole Génin: Carnaval de Venise op. 14 Theme & variations 1,2,3,5,6 & 8 (00:00:00)
  5. Gioacchino Rossini: Sonate dite opera, extrait de Cendrillon. Theme et variation (00:00:00)
  6. Friedrich Kuhlau: Air irlandais - la Derniere rose de l'ete. Theme et variations 1,4,5,6 & 7 (00:00:00)
  7. Francois Borne: Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen de G. Bizet  (00:00:00)
  8. Théodore Gouvy: Introduction & Polonaise (00:00:00)
Das war ein Geschenk des Institut Theodore Gouvy. Die anderen Werke sind alle mehr oder weniger gut bekannt. Virtuose Flötenmusik, schön gespielt.

Literature von/über Gioacchino Rossini

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