Biography of Carlo Tessarini (1690-1766)

Born in Rimini
Student of Corelli
First violinist of the cathedral at Urbino
First edition of violin method

Sheet music for flute:

Sonate (F-Dur)
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(flute, cello, piano)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Largo
  2. Allegro
  3. Adagio
Flute and basso are printed in a score, which is included twice. Between the flute and the bass line there are recommendations for articulatione, phrasing and dynamics. An intelligent way to edit a composition. The bass line is a good guide when first playing with piano. The two fast movements (Allegro and Vivace) are rhythmically interesting by mixing different rhythmics and holding over the bar. Quite special baroque music.

Literature von/über Carlo Tessarini

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