Biography of Zoltán Jeney (1915-1981)

Zoltan Jeney and his wife
Kindly provided by Zoltan Paul Jeney
Born in Subotica, Hungary (Serbia today)
Until 1938 studies of flute at the conservatory Budapest with Dömötör, composition with Kodály and Siklós
Principal flute at the Hungarian Opera
Solo flute of the Munich Philharmonics (until 1944)
Imprisonment due to the suspicion spying (because of his work in Germany). He came free by the record of Zoltan Kodaly.
Principal flute of Hungarian National orchestra
Founds the Budapest woodwind quintet
Teacher at the music college Béla Bartók
He becomes father of two sons (twins). They inspired Britten to compose the Gemini Variations
Principal flute of Hungarian Opera for 14 years
First performance of the wind quintet by Gaál Jenö with the Budapest wind quintet in the Hungarian radio
Author of a flute method and editor of many flute works for Editio Musica Budapest
Dies in Budapest

Sheet music for flute:

Flöten-Schule - Heft 1 (Schule)
Rating: very easy
Flöten-Schule - Heft II (Schule)
Rating: easy
Flötenduos II (Sammlung)
(2 flutes)
Rating: easy
  1. J. Haydn: Minuetto
  2. L. v. Beethoven: Minuetto
  3. F. Lessel: Andante grazioso
  4. A. B. Fürstenau: Duo Concertant (Le Nozze die Figaro di Mozart)
  5. B. Schumann: Vogel als Prophet
  6. P. I. Tschaikowsky: Kamarinskaia
  7. A. K. Ljadov: Prelude
  8. N. A. Rimskij-Korsakov: Der Hummelflug
Flötenduos III (Sammlung)
(2 flutes)
Rating: difficult
  1. G. Winters: Vergnügung
  2. G. Winters: Fuga
  3. B. Jozsef: Epitaphium in memoriam reti Jozsef
  4. P. Ivan: Pastoral
  5. P. Ivan: Burla
  6. S. Endre: Vier Medallions
  7. S. Endre: zwei kleine Duos

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