Biography of Heiner Wiberny (*1944)

Wiberny playing the flute
Photography kindly provided by Hyou Vielz
Lead alto sax of the Mediaband at WDR
Lead alto sax of WDR Big Band
Studies geography, romanistic, music teacher and composition (with Bernd Alois Zimmermann) in Cologne
Played with Kurt Edelhagen, Paul Kuhn, Peter Herbolzheimer and others
Retirement from WDR Big Band, celebrated by a concert at the Cologne Stadtgarten

CDs with/from Heiner Wiberny

VerQuer - Flutes unlimited (2004)
  1. Dieter Weberpals: Mariam (04:12:00)
  2. Heiner Wiberny: Ulla in Africa (03:46:00)
  3. Benedikt Brydern: Silent Movie (08:02:00)
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach: Bourree (03:47:00)
  5. G√ľnther Zabernigg: The priest and the magician (03:48:00)
  6. Heike Beckmann: Levada (05:22:00)
  7. Anne La Berge: Rough Diamond (05:37:00)
  8. Astor Piazzolla: Libertango (03:47:00)
  9. Tito Puente: Philadelphia Mambo (06:12:00)
  10. Horace Silver: Peace (02:32:00)
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