Biography of Claude Bolling (*1930)

Born in Cannes
Studies harmonics with Maurice Durufle, counterpoint with andre Hodeir.
At the age of 14 already a known jazz piano player and band leader.
His ideal and friend was Duke Ellington
Foundation of a Big Band of his own

Sheet music for flute:

Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano (G-Dur)
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(flute/bass flute, piano)
Silhouette Music Corporation
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Baroque and blue
  2. Sentimentale
  3. Javanaise
  4. Fugace
  5. Irlandaise
  6. Versatile
  7. Veloce
The bass flute has to play only in one movement. Beautiful melodies, but you will need a really good jazz piano player.

CDs with/from Claude Bolling

Jean François, Dominique Lumet, Loic Poulain, Denis Rocher
    Claude Bolling: Suite for flute and Jazz piano:
  1. Baroque and Blue (05:40:00)
  2. Sentimentale (00:00:08)
  3. javanaise (00:00:05)
  4. Fugace (00:00:04)
  5. irlandaise (00:00:03)
  6. Versatile (Bass flute) (06:00:00)
  7. Veloce (03:45:00)
  8. Dominique Lumet: Music in Paris (00:00:10)

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