Biography of Werner Richter (1924-2010)

Born in Jahnsbach, Germany
First fife and involvment in a brass band
First flute of his own
Lessons with Willy Pagenkopf (solo flutist of Meininger Landeskapelle)
Studies with Prof. Fritz Junnitsch in Stuttgart, financial supported by playing saxophone in different bands an through some jobs for the radio symphony orchestra
Studies of musicology and physics in Frankfurt
Solo flutist in Kiel, Darmstadt and in the Bachorchestra Mainz
lectorships in Darmstadt and Frankfurt
First edition of the book "Bewusste Flötentechnik"
Dies in Dießen, Ammersee

Sheet music for flute:

Klassische Evergreens Heft 1 (Sammlung)
edition on
(flute, piano)
Zimmermann, zm 28710
Rating: easy
  1. Bach: Gavotte 1 aus Orchestersuite D-Dur
  2. Bach: Gavotte 2 aus Orchestersuite D-Dur
  3. Händel: Largo aus Xerxes
  4. Beethoven: Für Elise
  5. Mozart: Türkischer Marsch
  6. Schubert: Wiegenlied
  7. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Frühlingslied
  8. Gounod: Ave Maria
  9. Massenet: Meditation

Konditionstraining für den Flötenansatz - 101 tägliche Übungen (Technik)
edition on
Zimmermann, ZM 2899
Rating: mid-grade
The title is ridiculous and the exercises are hard to bare for the neighbourhood. But after a longer break in playing or before concerts they are great to make the embouchure flexible and smooth.
Partitioned like a cure of ten days with several exercises for each day. It is all about changing register and extreme dynamics. The exercises help to make the lips flexible.

Orchesterstudien - Schubert/Mendelssohn (Orchesterstudien)
edition on
Zimmermann, ZM 32520
Rating: mid-grade

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