Biography of Wilhelm Popp (1828-1903)

Born in Coburg
"flute assessor" in the court orchestra in Coburg
Title of "court musician"
Five months tour at Pawloski near St. Petersburg from which he came back four weeks late, excused himself with some illness, was punished with a payment and resigned becaus of this. He went to Hamburg, where he was imprisoned because he was believed to have stolen a flute of his former employer.
Change to the Boehmflute and correspondence with Böhm himself.
Solo flutist of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Hamburg
Dies in Hamburg
Wrote lots of pieces for the flute. More than 500 compositions have been published

CDs with/from Wilhelm Popp

Péter Csaba, Musica Vitae, Ulf Söderberg, Wieslawa Szymczynska, Mats Widlund, Manuela Wiesler
  1. Jean Rivier: Oiseaux tendres (03:53:00)
  2. Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto for Flute, Strigs and Continuo in D major, op. 10, No. 3 "Il Gardelino":
  3. Allegro (03:47:00)
  4. Cantabile (02:36:00)
  5. Allegro (02:45:00)
  6. Kaija Saariaho: Laconisme de l'aile (10:14:00)
  7. Wilhelm Popp: Nightingale Serenade, op. 447 (03:27:00)
  8. Olivier Messiaen: Le Merle Noir (06:09:00)
  9. Adina Izarra: Concerto for flute and string, "Pitangus Sulphuratus" (17:17:00)

Literature von/über Wilhelm Popp

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