Biography of Conradin Kreutzer (1780-1849)

Born with the name Conrad Kreutzer, son of the owner of the mill in Meßkirch (Baden)
Renames himself to Conradin (part of the "romantic spirit" he is moved by)
Breakup of his studies of law, which his father made him to start, after the father dies.
Student of Albrechtsberger
Band master at the court in Stuttgart
Bandmaster of the prince of Fürstenberg in Donaueschingen
Band master at Kärntnerthortheatre in Vienna
After an interlude in Paris back to Vienna as conductor at the Josephstädter theatre
Performance of the opera "Das Nachtlager von Granada"
Municipal music director in Cologne (until 1842)
Dies in Riga
His compositions were very popular with his contempories. The operas were depreciated by the libretti. Most important where his songs. Today he is widely forgotten.

Sheet music for flute:

Sonate concertante op. 35 (G-Dur)
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(flute, piano)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Andante maestoso
  2. Allegro
  3. Andantino Grazioso
  4. Rondo Allegro rocto

CDs with/from Conradin Kreutzer

Brunello Gorla, Laura Magistrelli, Luigi Magistrelli, Cristina Pini, Fausto Polloni, Eros Roselli, Mauro Scappini, Augusto Veronese, Danilo Zaffaroni
Joseph Kreutzer - Conradin Kreutzer
Kammermusik mit Klarinette
    Joseph Kreutzer: Trio op. 16 für Flöte, Klarinette in A und Gitarre:
  1. Allegro risoluto (09:30:00)
  2. Adagio (04:31:00)
  3. Alla Polacca (05:51:00)
  4. Conradin Kreutzer: Duo C-Dur für zwei Klarinetten:
  5. Allegro moderato (03:50:00)
  6. Adagio (03:12:00)
  7. Menuetto e Trio (02:03:00)
  8. Conradin Kreutzer: Sechs Walzer für Bläsersextett und Kontrabaß ad. lib.:
  9. No. 1 (02:24:00)
  10. No. 2 (01:54:00)
  11. No. 3 (01:52:00)
  12. No. 4 (02:22:00)
  13. No. 5 (01:48:00)
  14. No. 6 (01:23:00)
  15. Joseph Kreutzer: Trio op. 9 Nr. 3 für Flöte, Klarinette in C und Gitarre:
  16. Allegro (08:47:00)
  17. Andante (03:16:00)
  18. Rondo (04:25:00)

Literature von/über Conradin Kreutzer

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