Biography of James Hook (1746-1827)

Born in Norwich
First playing on the harpsichord
Writes his first opera
Organist in Vauxhall (London)
Move to Boulogne
Dies in Vauxhall

Sheet music for flute:

6 Trios op. 83
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(3 flutes (3 violins))
Heinrichshofen, N 1891/1893
Rating: easy
  1. Trio I (Allegro con spirito - Andantino sempre piano - Rondeau Allegretto)
  2. Trio II (Allegretto - Siciliano Andantino sempre piano - Menuetto spiritoso)
  3. Trio II (Allegro con spirito - Siciliano Andantino sempre piano - Rondo Allegro)
Hornpipe (C-Dur)
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(piccolo (clarinet), bassoon)
Rating: easy
  1. Allegro moderato
Alternatively to played with clarinet and bassoon.
Four scores (two times for piccolo and bassoon and two times for clarinet and bassoon). Each score only one page.
Jaunty encore.
Trio (G-Dur)
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(3 flutes)
Rating: easy
  1. Allegretto
  2. Adagio e sempre piano (Andante)
  3. Allegretto (spiritoso)
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