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Biography of Manfred Niehaus (1933-2013): biography, sheet music, recordings, weblinks and literature

Biography of Manfred Niehaus (1933-2013)

Manfred Niehaus playing viola
Photography kindly provided by Hyou Vielz
Born in Cologne
Violin lessons
Studies composition with Zimmermann and Martin in Cologne
Dramatic advisor of the Wurttembergian National theatre
Music editor at Western german broadcasting for Contemporary Music
Foundation of Gruppe 8 with Peter Michael Braun, York Höller, Georg Kröll, Heinz Martin Lonquich, Hans Ulrich Humpert, Bojidar Dimov und Rolf Riehm
End of Gruppe 8
Head of jazz editorial office at western german broadcasting
Foundation of Manfred Niehaus Pocket Opera
Retirement, working as arranger, director and composer
Dies in Cologne

Sheet music for flute:

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(flute, alto flute, viola, cello)
nicht verlegt
Rating: easy
  1. Empor!
Composed in January 2007 using the pen name Hanns Hermann Blatt.

Fantasie über einen deutschen Psalm von Heinz Martin Lonquich
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(voice ad Lib., alto flute, viola)
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Rating: easy
  1. No. 2 (Psalm 19) Intonation, Thema + 2 Variationen
  2. No. 1 (Psalm 118) Intonation, Thema + 3 Variationen
  3. No.3 (Psalm 100)

Zueignung - auf einen Text von Oskar Pastior
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(voice baritone, alto flute)
nicht verlegt
Rating: easy
A very fancy piece of music we loved to play. The premiere was on a house music at Manfred Niehaus´.

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