Biography of Hans Weiss (1889-1957)

Born in Nürnberg
General Certificate of Secondary Education and teachers college in Bayreuth
Three years of studies at the music academy in Munich
Cannonneer of the heavy artillery during World War I
Returns from military service
Appointment as teacher for music theory, piano and choir
Dies in Nürnberg

Sheet music for flute:

Ein kurioser Kaffeeklatsch op. 32
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(flute (violin), violin, viola (clarinet), piano)
Collection Litolff, No. 2777
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Das Café - Allegro
  2. Affe und Schaf im Zwiegespräch - L´istesso tempo
  3. Hase mischt sich in die Unterhaltung - L´istesso tempo, alla breve, ma poco meno mosso
  4. Der Kaffee wird aufgetragen - Allegro
The piano part is also the score. Each movement is a invention for another instrumentation. The edition was the price at a contest.
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