Biography of Kamillo Wanausek (1906-1999)

Wanausek 1943 with the Wiener Symphonikern
Kindly provided by the Wiener Symphoniker archive
Aged Wanausek
Kindly provided by the Wiener Symphoniker archive
Born in Vienna
First piano lessons, also attempts to play oboe and clarinet. After that autodidactical start to play flute on a wooden instrument with eight keys, which he got from his brother to play the flute in his band.
After World War I Wanausek feeds his whole family by playing dance, coffee house and cinema music
Changes to the Böhmflute. In the same year he becomes piano player in a bar in Switzerland and gets his first professionell lessons
Principal flute of the Wiener Symphoniker. Among the guest conductors were Zemlinsky, Alban Berg and Webern.
During Welt War II head of department of the Austrian radio. After the end of war reconstituation of the Wiener Symphoniker and he being principal flute again.
Principal flute of the Bayreuth festival and guest performances with the Berlin Philharmonics due to the direct request of Karajan.
Teacher at the Vienna conservatory
Year of death

Sheet music for flute:

10 Miniaturen (D-Dur)
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(4 flutes)
Rating: easy
  1. Intrada - Marcia
  2. Nocturno - Lento
  3. Sicilienne - Moderato
  4. Intermezzo Orientale - Alelgro moderato
  5. Humoreske - Allegro moderato
  6. Petite Valse francaise - Allegro
  7. Chinesische Spieluhr - Allegro
  8. Musette - Moderato
  9. Böhmische Polka - Moderato
  10. Tarantella - Allegro
Kadenz - Kadenzen zu klassischen Flötenkonzerten (Gluck, Haydn, Mozart) (Kadenz)
Rating: difficult
  1. Zu Konzert G-Dur von Gluck (alle Sätze)
  2. Zu Konzert D-Dur von Haydn (2 Sätze)
  3. Zu Konzert G-Dur von Mozart (alle 3 Sätze)
  4. Zu Konzert D-Dur von Mozart (alle 3 Sätze)
  5. Zu Andante in C-Dur von Mozart

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