Biography of Edwin York Bowen (1884-1961)

Born in Crouch Hill, London
First solo appearance with the piano concert by Dussek
Erard Scholarship at Royal Academy of Music and piano studies with Tobias Matthay
Composer and pianist
During Word War I hornist and viola player in a scottish music regiment
Flute Sonata op. 120 for Gareth Morris
After war piano professorship at the Royal Academ
Broadcast of Sonata for two flutes
Dies in London

Sheet music for flute:

Flute Sonata - Revised Edition 2000 op. 120 (h-moll)
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(flute, piano)
Rating: mid-grade
  1. Allegro non troppo
  2. Andante piacevole
  3. Allegro con fuoco
Miniature Suite op. 113 (B-Dur)
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(flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon)
  1. Burlesque - Allegro moderato e giocoso
  2. Pastorale - Andante tranquillo
  3. caprice - Allegro con spirito
Total duration is given with 8.30 minutes on the score. The work is dedicated to Guy Warrack and the wind section of the BBC Scottish Orchestra.
Soliloquy & Frolic
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Rating: difficult
  1. Soliloquy
  2. Frolic
Sonata for two flutes (D-Dur)
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(2 flutes)
Rating: difficult
  1. Allegro assai
  2. Tranquillo e rubato
  3. Allegro giocoso
A little bit off-key but very beautiful. Two scores but very small print. Very advisable.
Duration of all movements about 11 minutes

CDs with/from Edwin York Bowen

Paul Rhodes, Kenneth Smith
The Reed of Pan (1993)
British Flute Music - Volume three
  1. Granville Bantock: Pagan Poem (05:14:00)
  2. William Mathias: Sonatina:
  3. I. Allegro (02:04:00)
  4. II. Andante cantabile (03:54:00)
  5. III. Allegro vivace (01:38:00)
  6. Eugène Goossens: The Breath of Ney (02:59:00)
  7. Kenneth Leighton: Serenade in C:
  8. I. Romanza (04:26:00)
  9. II. Scherzo (02:50:00)
  10. III. Pastorale (05:01:00)
  11. Howard Blake: Elegy (06:54:00)
  12. Gerald Finzi: Five Bagatelles:
  13. Prelude (03:35:00)
  14. Romanza (04:31:00)
  15. Carol (02:00:00)
  16. Forlana (02:42:00)
  17. Fughetta (02:10:00)
  18. Cyril Scott: Lotus Land (06:02:00)
  19. William Lloyd Webber: Mulberry Cottage (02:07:00)
  20. Edwin York Bowen: Sonata Op. 120:
  21. I. Allegro non troppo (08:43:00)
  22. II. Andante piacevole (04:35:00)
  23. III. Allegro con fuoco (04:36:00)
Auch diese Werke sind bei uns wenig bekannt. Es lohnt sich, mal über den Ärmelkanal zu lauschen. Wirklich schöne Musik.
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