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Biography of Jacques Hotteterre (Le Romain) (1674-1763): biography, sheet music, recordings, weblinks and literature

Biography of Jacques Hotteterre (Le Romain) (1674-1763)

Jacques Hotteterre (Engraving of 1722)
Engraving by Bernard Picart from the edition of Principes of 1722
Born in Paris being one of six children of the court musician and instrument maker Martin Hotteterre
Member of the Grand Hautbois
Probably first flutist at Paris opera
Maestro di flauto for prince Ruspoli (this is the origin of his name Le Romain)
Soloist of the kings chapell of Ludwig the XIV.
First edition of Les principes de la flûte Traversière, the first printed flute method
Release of the book L´Art de Preluder sur la Flute Traversiere (Method for improvising)
Dies in Paris
Countless compositions for flute
Flute teacher of many noblemen, which made the flute adequate for the court.

Literature von/über Jacques Hotteterre (Le Romain)

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