Biography of Karl Wiener (1891-1942)

Born in Vienna
Studies at Vienna music academy with Robert Fuchs and Franz Schreker
Due to an injury during World War I he becomes paralyzed on the right side of his body
Band master in Saarbrücken and Stettin
Moves to Berlin and works as a left handed pianist, musical adviser of Berlin broadcasting hour
Looses the engagement at the broadcast
Musical dramatic adviser of the Jewish cultural bound
Closure of Jewish cultural bound
Transportation to Sachsenhausen
Killed in Sachsenhausen

Sheet music for flute:

Drei Stücke op. 20
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(flute, english horn, clarinet)
Universal Edition, U. E. 1152
Rating: easy
  1. Duo - ruhig fließend - schnell - erstes Zeitmaß
  2. Intermezzo - Leicht, flüchtig
  3. Terzett: Gemessen - Etwas bewegter
Dedicated to a man named Alred Lichtenstein. If this is the at the time of the publication already dead poet, is not clear.
Published in 1926 and to be ordered as a special edition from the publishing house.
The first movement is a duet for flute and English horn, the second for flute and clarinet and the last is for all three together. The edition consists of a single score.
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