Biography of Gisbert Näther (*1948)

Sheet music for flute:

Brandenburger Trio Nr. 2 - - Kleine Welten - op. 42
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(flute/alto flute, horn, piano)
Rating: very difficult
  1. Adagio - Larghetto - Moderato
  2. Lento animato
  3. Presto capricciosa
The hornist has to be a real crack: fluttertongue, glissandi and so on. But the pianist and flutist won't be bored either. The print is not very clearly.
Happy Birthday - Eine kleine Geburtstagsmusik für Bläserquintett (C-Dur) (Bearbeitung)
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(flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
Rating: very easy
  1. Happy Birthday
Score and parts (each instrument one page), mostly parallel written
First the well known melody in three-four time, afterwards an a bit jazz like part in two-two time. More complicated than thought on first sight.
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